Virtual Training

COVID-19 is causing challenges for all businesses, and I want to share with you how Baseline is dealing with these challenges to maintain learning and to continue supporting our clients during these difficult times.

Virtual Training – Baseline optionally provides remote training for clients who would prefer to have their delegates attend while at their desk or at home. This training mimics the instructor-led training provided in person at our offices and customer premises, and covers the same material while allowing delegates to follow the written courseware as well as the instructor via video link.

Delegates have the opportunity to complete the same exercises as they would on the instructor-led training, using the excellent explicit instructions they receive as part of their welcome pack (along with an electronic copy of the courseware).

Baseline also provides the same popular one-year follow up support service as part of the course benefits. This is accessed by emailing the technical team or calling Baseline.

Computer Requirements for Virtual Course Delegates

  • Laptop / Desktop
  • Wifi Connection (this needs to be a reasonable speed to support the sound and picture transmission)
  • Sound / Video

How is the course presented?

  • Baseline emails delegates a link to the meeting / training session along with details of the training session.
  • The first 15 minutes of the training sessions is used to check that all participants have access to the video link and the application which the course is based on. We have found that viewing the video feed on a separate large screen machine works well. However, the trainer will check, if there is no separate machine for the video link, that the participant is comfortable with viewing both the video link and application on one screen.
  • Delegate numbers on virtual courses will be limited to six. This provides for a good level of personal attention.
  • The instructions are presented in short (maximum 45 minutes, including delegate interaction) sessions. This encourages delegates to maintain a good level of focus.
  • The instruction sessions are followed by 15 minute practise sessions. During these sessions the trainer is available to answer questions via the video link facility.

Sample event flow

09:15  Start – Setup check
09:30  Session 1 – trainer-led delivery instruction and demonstrations
10:15  Delegates complete reinforcement exercises
10:30  Session 2 – trainer-led
11:00  Break

11:15  Delegates complete exercises
11:30  Session 3 – trainer-led
11:45  Delegates complete exercises
12:00  Session 4 – trainer-led
12:30  Lunch

13:15  Delegates complete exercises
13:30  Session 5 – trainer-led
14:15  Delegates complete exercises
14:30  Session 6 – trainer-led
15:00  Break

15:15  Delegates complete exercises
15:30  Session 7 – trainer-led
16:15  Delegates complete exercises
16:30  Trainer summary
Delegates complete online evaluation & wrap-up course