New Short Courses

We’re excited to announce that from January 2018 Baseline will be offering a new range of short courses! These can be run during lunch hours, early mornings or offered as several sessions during the day where staff can drop in on any session. These short and sharp sessions will give your staff the opportunity to quickly brush up on those few gaps in their skills which are causing frustration and wasted time.

Feel free to contact our Sales Team on 01295 253253 if you have specific topics you would like to explore!!

Excel sessions:

  • Improve your basic formula & function skills
  • Get the most out of PivotTables
  • Explore Charts & Graphs
  • Link your spreadsheets by using Lookup functions
  • Expand you formula & functions skills by using IF functions


Word sessions:

  • Create multiple page layouts within the same Word document; eg. combination of portait & landscape pages
  • Uncover the versatility of using Tabs
  • Discover the ease of use of Mail Merge
  • Explore some of pitfalls of Mail Merge