We help forward thinking businesses bring out the best in their people.

Skills Consultancy

We work with forward thinking businesses and organisations to help bring out the best in their people. We can help you to implement intelligent and effective training strategies which are tuned-in to your organisation’s current and future needs.

IT Consultancy

Baseline’s team of computer experts are available to evaluate current bespoke systems and/or computer based solutions that have been created in any of the Microsoft Office Suite of programs.  We will give feedback and suggest more effective solutions where appropriate.

Soft Skills / Personal Development Consultancy

Speak to us about an individual/team’s development needs and we will match the best practical solutions to meet the needs of the individual or team.

Case Studies

Construction Company – Microsoft Office Training

After an initial meeting with key staff, we spent a day investigating staff training needs and aligned them to the business’ objectives, needs and budget.  The training planned for a mixture of on-site training and scheduled courses at Baseline.  With a combination of short on-site workshops and scheduled courses at Baseline for those with individual needs different from the rest of the group, we were able to up the skill levels of all staff keeping within budget.

Hardware Distributors – Customer Service & Sales Training

We were approached by the Customer service and sales manager to run bespoke customer service and sales training for their staff.  Staff are required to upsell to customers following contact with customer services.  We devised a programme that brings sales to the forefront of customer service without the daunting prospect of selling, making a gentle introduction for staff members who were new to sales.


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